An Introduction to Website Basics

Do you really know what a website is?

A website is a group of inter-linked pages (web pages) typically related in content, and accessible by way of a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser, on the World Wide Web (WWW). A web page is actually a text-based document, written in a markup language, the most common of which is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Markup language is the means by which the basic structure of a text-based, web document is defined. HTML does this by designating specific text as headings, lists, paragraphs, et al, which comprise a web page (web document). In addition, web pages are often supplemented with images, multi-media, such as audio and or video files, Flash, and more. Web pages can also be enhanced with robust scripting language code, such as Javascript, which affect the behavior of web browsers. A web browser is a software application which is used to determine how a web page (text, images, etc.) displays on a user's computer screen. Different web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Netscape, Opera, et al) can sometimes display web page content differently.

Ever wonder where a website resides?

A website is stored on a web server. Each website has a unique identifying name, called an Internet domain name or simply domain name. The domain name is a unique arrangement of letters, words or phrases, combined with a domain name extension (.com - stands for commercial, .net - stands for network, .org - stands for organization, .edu - stands for U.S. Educational Institution, .gov - stands for U.S. government, etc.). You may have often heard thephrase, "Top Level Domain" bandied about. This just refers to the domain name extension. The domain name extension refers to the letters which follow the "dot" at the end of each domain name. For example, this website's domain name is, where .com is the domain name extension.

Domain names must be "registered" by a registrant (that would be the person or entity registering the domain name) through a domain name registrar, a company accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Once a domain name is registered, a website can be designed and hosted. Web hosting enables a website to be accessed by the end user via the Internet, through an Internet Service Provider or ISP, such as AOL, or Earthlink.

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The Truth About SEO

Web Design Company Scottsdale

Web Design Company Scottsdale

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If you are new to the Internet, and the World Wide Web, we will be happy to guide you through the entire set-up process, from domain name registration to hosting your new site. If you are considering a redesign of your existing site to add more flair and generate increased visitor interest, we would love to hear from you.

In the interim, to view samples of our work, we encourage you to visit the actual sites of our clients, the links to which you will find on our Design Portfolio page. We also suggest that you read some of the following information to familiarize yourself with the concept of a website.

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